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Peeping Tom #17
Fiction by STEPHEN LAWS, Philip Harris, Phoenix Hitch, David Logan, Keith Brooke, Barbara Davies, Chris Kenworthy, and Anth [...]
Peeping Tom #9
Fiction by STEPHEN LAWS, Paul Pinn, Martin Feekins, Rhys Hughes, David Franklin, Steve Harris, Hawk Heilson, Graham Farrow, [...]
[...] ross a medieval sewer. Proudly it mixes established writers like Stephen Gallagher, Garry Kilworth, STEPHEN LAWS, Mark Chadbourn and Simon Clark with new talent. Illustrations, like the mag itself, are of the hig [...]
The Midnight Man
[...] lamander Press is pleased to announce the first collection of the short fiction of acclaimed author STEPHEN LAWS. Long known as one of the premier novelists in the horror genre, his novels such as Spectre, Somew [...] as Stephen Jones and Stanley Wiater. What is not known by many readers is that over the last decade STEPHEN LAWS has produced a small but remarkable body of short fiction. This book collects the majority of his s [...] haunt like that portrayed in 'He Who Laughs' or a modern tale of urban terror like 'The Black Cab', STEPHEN LAWS demonstrates that his short fiction is every bit the equal of his acclaimed novels. In this edition, noted artist Fredrik King has provided cover art and STEPHEN LAWS has written new introductory material for the book. As previous Silver Salamander releases have bee [...]
Kimota #1
Fiction by STEPHEN LAWS, Kevin Rattan, Conrad Williams, and Caroline Dunford

Total 5 Displaying 1–5