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Spell Maffia
by John Lee & Denise O'Moore
ISBN 0953478459 He thought there was only one 'F' in Mafia. Meet Jack Kelly. It is seven thirty in the evening. It is mid-March. He is in the middle of a rapidly darkening forest. He can see about [...]
Nasty Tales: Sex, Drugs & Violence in the British Underground
by David Huxley
ISBN 190048613X Although never on the scale of their American counterparts, there was indeed a Comics Underground in Britain with much the same anti-establishment stance. Many of these comics were ob [...]
Killer Komix 2
by Various Artists
ISBN 095232881X Killer Komix 2 is the long-awaited follow-up to the critically acclaimed comic book on serial killer psychosis. Utilising all new work by a varied team of artists (including the fir [...]
Ghastly Terror! The Horrible Story of the Horror Comics
by Stephen Sennitt
ISBN 1900486075 Back in the 1950s, horror comics flourished to the extent that some 50 or more different titles could be published in a single month. Then these comics were effectively banned, indict [...]
The Big Fellow
by Robert Neilson & Alan Casey
For their first comics project, writer Bob Neilson and artist Alan Casey collaborate on a slightly different interpretation of the Goliath story. Bob Neilson did an excellent job with the story and th [...]
by Noel K. Hannan & Rik Rawling
A Streetmeat special edition featuring strips and stories set in Melanoma Solo's world, plus a gallery section with views of Melanoma Solo by fourteen different artists including Dave (Batman) Taylo [...]
by Noel K. Hannan & Rik Rawling
A hard-hitting graphic novel set in 21st century Seattle. Superbly atmospheric b&w artwork from Rik Rawling, tense and gripping narrative from Noel K. Hannan. In two books. Manga meets the north-west [...]
Faux Paws
by Diane Linden & Gerry Doto
ISBN 1895836166 'Furry black and white dreams about running away and pouncing: two things I do well, but inappropriately' – Cats On My Head Faux Paws is a strange but happy marriage between [...]
by Noel K. Hannan, Dave Stephenson & Ian Beck
Mars 2080 forms the backdrop for this graphic novella of Samurai honour and revenge.
A graphic comic magazine of the best new writers and artists

Total 14 Displaying 1–10Pages: 1 2