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Extended Play: The Elastic Book of Music
edited by Gary Couzens
ISBN 095488129X What does music do for you? Is it an art form, mood enhancer, or just something to jump around to? From the orchestra pit to the mosh pit music inspires our lives, is universal and pe [...]
The Elastic Book of Numbers
edited by Allen Ashley
ISBN 0954881214 Numbers rule our lives: clocks, calendars and deadlines; salaries and benefits; tax codes and pin numbers; mortgages, bills and credit limits; the FTSE and the Dow Jones; mobiles, lan [...]
Visits to the Flea Circus
by Nick Jackson
ISBN 0954881206 Quiet magical realism and poignant character studies go hand in hand in Nick Jackson's first collection of stories. His understated style and meticulous prose lead us into situations [...]
by Paul Di Filippo
ISBN 1878914065 CASH. Dollars. Dinero. Euros. Pounds. Rubles. Yen. Buckaroos. Megabucks. Moolah. Smackers. Bread. Simoleans. Spondulix! Money makes the world go 'round. But Rory Honeyman's money make [...]
Maxim and Fyodor
by Vladimir Shinkarev
ISBN 0954336801 With more than a passing similarity to Men Behaving Badly, Maxim and Fyodor charts the misadventures of Maxim, Fyodor and their assorted friends and acquaintances. It describes in [...]
by Lance Olsen
ISBN 187765535X Feral children. Illicit nano-drugs. False memories. Televisual consciousness. A Dickensian 2023 London in extremis. Just another day in Lance Olsen's imagination... For all its surfac [...]
Joe's Liver
by Paul Di Filippo
ISBN 1878914111 To those benighted and unfortunate souls misfavored by whimsical Fate to the degree that they were born outside the status-conferring territorial confines of the uniquely glorious Uni [...]
A Skull for Bald Eagle and Other Writings
by Frances Elizabeth Campbell
ISBN 0905262239 A collection of work by an American author and playwright who spent most of her adult life in the UK. Her native Pennsylvania remained the setting for much of her writing, and feature [...]
by Brian Clark
ISBN 1877655309 Splitting is a novel of wild ideas, word devilry, a mad romance starring a cast of boisterously original millennians. Splitting is a state of mind where mythology, poetry and arch [...]
Language, Culture and Translation
edited by James Huntley Grayson & Agnita Tennant
ISBN 0953654508 An examination of the problems of the translation and promotion of modern and contemporary Korean literature placed in the broader context of the heightened interest in the literature [...]

Total 55 Displaying 1–10Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6