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A Sack of Midnight: Leaves from the Mabinogion
by Cardinal Cox
ISBN 0905262441 Towering figures burst through the veil that separates our reality from fantastic Other Worlds. Heroes, goddess-heroines, shape changers and monstrous creatures, mingle and conflict, [...]
Fairies and Dragons: Art is Magic
by Ciruelo
ISBN 8493427772 Kume is a Mapuk child who loves to spend his days drawing dragons. His sister, Yssala, loves to sing, and dreams of communing with fairies. When peace throughout the valley no longer [...]
The Sky Giants
by K.V. Bailey
ISBN 0905262409 Through many centuries, the enigmatic story of Parsifal, knight of the Grail, has fascinated writers and readers alike. Uniquely, the poet K.V. Bailey opened for Parsifal the doors of [...]
Hobsyllwin & Angus poster
by Ciruelo
Fantasy Lake poster
by Ciruelo
Emerald Eye
edited by Frank Ludlow & Roelof Goudriaan
ISBN 0953478440 Emerald Eye is a celebration of all things fantastic in modern Irish writing. Stories of fevered imagination have been part of the Irish psyche from the oral tradition through to th [...]
Spell Maffia
by John Lee & Denise O'Moore
ISBN 0953478459 He thought there was only one 'F' in Mafia. Meet Jack Kelly. It is seven thirty in the evening. It is mid-March. He is in the middle of a rapidly darkening forest. He can see about [...]
Angel Road
by Steven Savile
ISBN 0954374797 From the beginning of time the subject of angels has inspired mankind. In this stunning new collection of stories Steven Savile surrenders to their inspiration and invites them to lea [...]
Portfolio 1
by Ciruelo
ISBN 8493127884 New collection of fine reproductions of some of Ciruelo's most well-known paintings, containing 14 plates 7 ins x 10 ins (17 x 26 cm). Dark Dsurion Hobsyllwin Galeon [...]
The Falling Star / Why Photographers Commit Suicide
by Charlotte Augusta Sneyd, Elizabeth Sneyd & Mary Ladd
ISBN 0905262344 Described by its authors on their hand-written title page as 'A moral tale, founded in fact', 'The Falling Star' was inspired by a Bazaar For the Distressed Irish, attended by Queen V [...]

Total 75 Displaying 1–10Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8