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Strange Adventures '2001: A Space Odyssey' 25th Anniversary Special
edited by Tony Lee
Commemorating the film's release in 1968, this special issue of Strange Adventures does for 2001 what SF Eye #1 did for cyberpunk, with a succession of articles to profile Kubrick and Arthur C. [...]
by Rudy Rucker
ISBN 1878914006 The most complete collection of Rudy Rucker's short work – all of his short stories (including several collaborations with other writers such as Paul Di Filippo, Marc Laidlaw, a [...]
This World and Nearer Ones
by Brian W. Aldiss
ISBN 0873382617 A unique collection of articles, reviews and travel pieces linked by Aldiss's penetrating wit and by the theme of the complex unity of art and science which forms the inner mystery of [...]
Paperback Parade
Full of interviews, news, articles, letters, ads, lists, the best writing in the field, and many cover repros of scarce collectible pbs, each issue of Paperback Parade is an extravaganza! Indispensi [...]
The Zone
'The Last Word in Science Fiction Magazines', The Zone publishes original SF stories alongside genre poetry, and experimental or stylist prose of the highest quality. Nonfiction and critical work is [...]
Critical magazine for slipstream enthusiasts, with the notorious Shark Tactics broadsheet.
SF Eye
Highly acclaimed critical magazine, with regular columnists including Bruce Sterling, Misha and Paul Di Filippo.
Formerly known as Thrust Science Fiction & Fantasy Review , Quantum was a well-respected and five-time Hugo nominated review magazine, aimed at SF fans and professionals.
New York Review of Science Fiction
Engaging and provocative essays, thoughtful and informed reviews, and topical comment for the SF field. Twenty-one time Hugo Award nominee! Remains by far the most reliably published and probably the [...]
Nova Express
Nova Express is a hard-hitting, cutting edge critical SF/F/H zine that covers the entire range of the metagenre, with an emphasis on post-cyberpunk and slipstream works. N.B. Other back issues not [...]

Total 27 Displaying 11–20Pages: 1 2 3