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Bizarre Sex and Other Crimes of Passion II
edited by Stanislaus Tal
More tales of crime and passion in the second of the Bizarre Sex series, with stories by Wayne Allen Sallee, Dawn Dunn, Brad Boucher, Shaun Jeffrey, H. Andrew Lynch, Deidra Cox, P.D. Cacek, Michael [...]
Bizarre Bazaar 1992
edited by Stanislaus Tal
'Our humble goal is to shape the new emotions of postmodern terror, remembering always that we didn't inherit a dream from our fathers – we're leaving a nightmare for our children' – from th [...]
The Best of D.F. Lewis
by D.F. Lewis
A collection of 15 short stories by Britain's most prolific weaver of sudden horror and dark fantasy fiction in the vein of H.P. Lovecraft. Introduction by Ramsey Campbell, artwork by t. Winter-Damon. [...]
Bizarre Bazaar 1993
edited by Stanislaus Tal
The second Bizarre Bazaar anthology of bizarre horror and dark fantasy, with fiction by Stanley Wiater, Joe R. Lansdale, Uncle River, Nancy Kilpatrick, P.D. Cacek, Brian Hodge, S. Darnbrook Colson, [...]
Bizarre Sex and Other Crimes of Passion
edited by Stanislaus Tal
Sixteen tales of crime and passion by Cliff Burns, t. Winter-Damon, Edward Lee, Lucy Taylor, Wayne Allen Sallee, D.F. Lewis, Robert Devereaux, Jack Ketchum, and others. See also the follow-up edition, [...]

Total 5 Displaying 1–5