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Reluctant Voyagers
by Elisabeth Vonarburg
ISBN 1895836158 1895836093 In Catherine Rhymer's Montreal, the familiar streets are changing; history is unpredictable, and irrational events are becoming commonplace. In search of the truth about h [...]
Blue Apes
by Phyllis Gottlieb
ISBN 189583614X 1895836131 From the title piece, 'Blue Apes', a story of discovery, loss and betrayal on a distant planet, to 'Sunday's Child', an account of an alien birth to human colonists, Phylli [...]
Dark Earth Dreams
by Candas Jane Dorsey & Roger Deegan
ISBN 1895836050 Compelling, new, with content somehow perfectly suited to the medium – style and substance can both be yours with this elegant Discbook. Included in this beautiful package is a [...]
The Children of Atwar
by Heather Spears
ISBN 0888783353 In this intricate and poetic sequel to the best-selling Moonfall , award-winning author Heather Spears continues the tale of Tasman and her children in a post-holocaust world inhabit [...]
Maerlande Chronicles
by Elisabeth Vonarburg
ISBN 1888782942 In a novel of epic proportions, Elisabeth Vonarburg envisions a world of the far future that has survived the Decline where the few survivors are forced to create a new society. Aband [...]
Tesseracts 4
edited by Lorna Toolis & Michael Skeet
ISBN 0888783221 The award-winning anthology series of Canadian science fiction, with original works by writers both new and established. Fiction by Charles de Lint, M.W. Field, David Nickle & Karl Sc [...]
Passion Play
by Sean Stewart
ISBN 0888783140 Diane Fletcher is a freelance detective who has the gift of reading emotions and seeing patterns of guilt and innocence. The anti-technological are in control and, in the name of resc [...]
Strange Attractors
by Tom Henighan
ISBN 0888783124 This collection of stories journeys from the terrifying adventure of evil in 'Dark Christmas' to the retelling of the Old Testament into the post-holocaust world of 'The Book of Tobit [...]
by Heather Spears
ISBN 088878306X The Moon is falling... Tasman is born into a world populated by twins. Alone, she struggles for acceptance and becomes the unwitting key to the Earth's salvation – to stop Moo [...]
Pallahaxi Tide
by Michael G. Coney
ISBN 0888782934 Amidst government secrecy and continental conflict, young Drove retreats with his mother and father for a summer vacation. They go to the coastal village of Pallahaxi, and it is ther [...]

Total 26 Displaying 11–20Pages: 1 2 3