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New York Review of Science Fiction #200
[...] ia Davis and Henry Wessells on Avram Davidson's The Scarlet Fig , Avram Davidson on collaboration, URSULA PFLUG on Nalo Hopkinson, Gregory Benford & Martin Hoffert on Michael Crichton's SF and science, and Tom S [...]
New York Review of Science Fiction #199
Damien Broderick on the afterlife as SF; Tom Shippey on two views of Middle-Earth; URSULA PFLUG dreams and tells; John Clute gets lost in Peter Straub; Joe Sutliff Sanders at the Crossroads; Grah [...]
Green Music
[...] 1895836778 1895836751 This first speculative fiction novel by renowned Canadian short story writer URSULA PFLUG delivers a shimmering narrative, gliding effortlessly between magic realism and fantasy with humour [...] 's studio district with a medieval tropical paradise shaped by the union of sea turtles and humans. URSULA PFLUG's stories are delightfully surreal – each one is a treasure, to be read slowly, over and over [...]
#30, Fall 1997
Fiction by Cliff Burns, Mark Piper, Ted DeMarsh, URSULA PFLUG, Keith Scott, Hayden Trenholm, K.V. Johansen, and Carl Seiber
#29, Summer 1997
[...] on by Jan Lars Jensen, Erik Jon Spigel, Cathleen Thom, Alex Link, Brian Panhuysen, Diane L. Walton, URSULA PFLUG, Steven R. Laker, and Derryl Murphy
Tesseracts 4
edited by Lorna Toolis & Michael Skeet
[...] Gotlieb, Mick Burrs, Eileen Kernaghan, James Alan Gardner, Charles Shelby Goerlitz, Caroline Clink, URSULA PFLUG, Andrew Weiner, Elisabeth Vonarburg, John Robert Colombo, Lesley Choyce, John Park, Tim Wynne-Jones [...]
Tesseracts 3
edited by Candas Jane Dorsey & Gerry Truscott
[...] n, Colleen Anderson, James Allen Gardner, Judith Merril, Leona Gom, Dave Duncan, Jean-Louis Trudel, URSULA PFLUG, Francine Pelletier, and Lesley Choyce. This anthology merits inclusion in any comprehensive collec [...]
Back Brain Recluse #23
ISBN 1872588042 Fiction by Andrew Darlington, Don Webb, URSULA PFLUG, Allen Ashley, Cliff Burns, Mike O'Driscoll, Richard Kadrey, Jill McGroarty, Peter Finch, Paul Kinc [...]

Total 18 Displaying 11–18Pages: 1 2