One of the great things about small press and independent publishing is that there's always new ideas and new spins on old ideas. We're keen to keep discussion boiling, and plan to publish features and interviews with writers, publishers and other activists in the BBR Directory.

This page carries the index of those articles, and also provides links to other venues for small press discussion, including my own published writings and opinions on the subject – well somebody has to!  :-)


  • Doing Tongues with Lance Olsen – Read what the P.K.Dick Award-finalist has to say about postmodernism, encouraging new writers, and the state of the small press (August 1998)


You'll also find on-going discussions about writing and publishing at the following sites: Please let us know of other sites to add to this list.

Chris Reed's published writings and opinions:

  • Interview by Martin Sketchley published in #163 of the British Science Fiction Association's Matrix magazine (Sept/Oct 2003), and reprinted on the BSFA website.

  • Interview published in Rebel Yell by Lance Olsen (ISBN 1-878914-50-2, A4, 243pp p/b, $18:95 from Cambrian Publications, P.O. Box 112170, Campbell, CA 95011-2170, USA [e-mail: orders@cambrianpubs.com; http://www.cambrianpubs.com]; £14.95 postage paid in the UK from BBR), a fast-paced and entertaining guide to the craft of fiction writing.

  • Small Press G.o.H. speech, Eurocon 97, Dublin (October 1997), published in Albedo 1 #16 and on the Albedo 1 website (April 1998).

  • Interview published in Beyond the Boundaries #11 (March 1997), and reprinted on the 1997 Eurocon website and in the 1997 Eurocon programme book (October 1997).

  • Interview (jointly with Silver Web editor Ann Kennedy) for Reality Break radio show, WREK Atlanta (May 1994).

    Download a free e-Book of this and other Reality Break interviews from Fictionwise. Available in Adobe Acrobat, Palm Doc, Microsoft Reader and many other formats. Full list of interviews: Nicola Griffith, Poppy Z. Brite, Michael Swanwick, Kim Stanley Robinson, Emma Bull, James Morrow, Michael Bishop, Ann Kennedy and Chris Reed, Tad Williams, Jonathan Lethem.



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