Advice and support is never far away on the Internet, and as we find them we'll be adding links on this page to sites which help new publishers plan, produce and market their products, or which help readers get the most from the independent press. We try to check the integrity of these links on a regular basis, but please do let us know if anything has broken. Thanks.



  • The Book of Zines – Includes an ezine and zine resource guide with links to more than 100 zine resources, interviews with and advice from 65 zine editors, a list of zines they recommend with ordering addresses, selections from the anthology and a comprehensive guide to doing your own zine and e-zine.

  • trAced – A three-year project funded by the Arts Council of England and administered by Nottingham Trent University and The Broadway Media Centre, trAce brings together writers and readers from around the world. Its website includes a growing collection of Internet resources for writers, an electronic discussion list, and many international literary links.

  • BBR Catalogue – Operated by the publishers of the BBR Directory, this comprehensive catalogue makes it easy and convenient to get hold of small press and independently-published titles all over the world.


  • HOW TO MARKET BOOKS by Alison Baverstock (3rd edition, ISBN 0-7494-3105-9, Kogan Page, 2000). Essential guidance for everyone involved in publishing, whether you are keen to get into the trade, looking for help to do your job better, planning to self publish, or simply want more information on how the whole process works.
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  • THE SHEFFIELD MANUAL FOR AUTHORS & EDITORS by David J.A. Clines (ISBN 1-85075-727-5, Sheffield Academic Press, 1997). Although primarily intended for those who work in biblical studies, this guide's general sections provide an excellent grounding in the editorial process, with particular emphasis on basic skills such as verbal style, spelling, punctuation, capitalisation, and hypens and dashes.
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  • DOMESTIC BOOKBINDING by Jean Dark, A5, 36pp, £2.50 from Pixie Inc, 14 Reed Farm, Cambridge Road, Babraham, Cambridge CB2 4AF (e-mail:; A hands-on tutorial on satisfying and economical bindings to make in your own home. Ideal for small self-publishers, zinesters and pamphleteers, this is a fascinating insight into how to adapt the ancient art of hand-bookbinding to the modern sensibility.



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