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The NSFA Catalogue

Founded in 1989, the New SF Alliance (NSFA) is a British publishers' co-operative which aims to make independent SF/F/H publications more readily available to as wide a readership as possible.

Of the six original founding members – Auguries, Back Brain Recluse, Dream, Flickers'n'Frames, Nova SF, The Scanner, and WorksBack Brain Recluse is the only title still actively publishing, and BBR has been administering the NSFA's mail order activities since its inception.

Nonetheless, the original objectives of the NSFA still hold true today – by operating a central mail order service, it enables readers to sample a wide range of UK magazines quickly and efficiently from a single address. This is of particular benefit to writers and artists wishing to research potential markets.

Because the NSFA Catalogue is primarily a sample copy service, we still keep the BBR and NSFA Catalogues as two distinct printed catalogues. Via this website, however, there's little to distinguish between the two, which is why we've combined them in a single database.

You can locate the magazines included in the current NSFA Catalogue by clicking here.

If you have any comments and queries about the NSFA Catalogue or any other aspect of BBR, please let us know at distribution@bbr-online.co.uk.

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