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Midnight Street
This is the new magazine from Immediate Directions. It is the successor to Roadworks and retains many of the elements that made that magazine so successful and critically acclaimed, including some o [...]
Maelstrom is a reader-oriented magazine, aiming to publish the best SF, fantasy and horror stories that it receives, in a handy, page-turning A5 format close to that of the traditional digest SF mag [...]
The Zone
'The Last Word in Science Fiction Magazines', The Zone publishes original SF stories alongside genre poetry, and experimental or stylist prose of the highest quality. Nonfiction and critical work is [...]
Scheherazade is a magazine of fantasy and science fiction incorporating the gothic, the magical and the mythological. The emphasis is on good story telling and characterisation rather than the expos [...]
Science fiction, fantasy horror, genre poetry, fantasy art magazine. At least a dozen cutting-edge short stories in every issue, plus our unique graphic poems! From the publisher of The Zone . Amusin [...]
Light's List of Literary Magazines
Light's List contains names, addresses, price, page count, frequency and a brief note of interests (eg 'Traditional: poems to 30 lines, fiction to 2500 words, reviews, artwork') of over 1500 UK, US, [...]
Black Static
The Third Alternative relaunched in 2007 as Black Static . With the arrival of Interzone to the TTA stable now catering for SF and fantasy, TTA has been tilted towards its darker side, with this [...]
The crime fiction genre is broader in scope than any other – humour, horror, satire, escapism, human psychology and modern society are all encompassed in crime fiction – and Crimewave publ [...]
The Fix
Zene has evolved into The Fix , a magazine for all those interested in short fiction, ie readers, not just writers. It's been revamped and redesigned, is much bigger, and with much more varied co [...]

Total 9 Displaying 1–9