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Albedo 1 #16
[...] on by James Lecky, Hugh Cook, Noel K. Hannan, John Sexton, Todd J. McCaffrey, and Dermot Ryan, plus CHRIS REED's Small Press GoH speech from the 1997 Eurocon in Dublin
Angel Body and other Magic for the Soul
edited by CHRIS REED & David Memmott
[...] ain Taxi, Fall 2003 What do you get when you combine the editorial genius of Back Brain Recluse 's CHRIS REED with that of Wordcraft's David Memmott? Only one of the best original anthologies of the year. Paul [...]
Rebel Yell
by Lance Olsen
[...] athan Lethem Carole Maso Cris Mazza Larry McCaffery Ed McClanahan David Memmott Misha Derek Pell CHRIS REED Doug Rice David Rogers Jasmine Sailing Steven Shaviro David Shields Lewis Shiner Julia Solis Stasze [...]
The Best of Back Brain Recluse
edited by CHRIS REED
[...] nes, 'The Spidermonger' Steve Sneyd, 'Camera Out' (poem) D'Israeli, 'All in the Game' (comic strip) CHRIS REED, 'The Rise and Fall of the Artful Dodger' Andrew Darlington, 'After the Raid' (poem) Anne Dyer, 'St [...] Steve Sneyd, 'King of a Nutshell' (poem) D'Israeli, 'Azimuth: A Matter of Ascendancy' (comic strip) CHRIS REED, 'Death Trap' Illustrated by Matt Brooker, Simon C. Jones, Dallas Goffin, D'Israeli, and Kaiser Bi [...]
Back Brain Recluse #7
[...] ck Special Issue with exclusive interview and lyrics, plus Jerry Cornelius stories by Steve Sneyd, CHRIS REED, and Andrew Darlington
Back Brain Recluse #4
Fiction by Simon C. Jones, Simon Clark, Jocelyn Almond, and CHRIS REED, plus lyrics by Michael Moorcock, poetry by Tom Bingham,t. Winter-Damon, Steve Sneyd, and Andrew Da [...]
Back Brain Recluse #2
Fiction by Martin Hull, Nick Joy, CHRIS REED, Anne Dyer, and Russell Miles, poetry by Andy Smith, plus Superhumanism at Nicholas Treadwell's gal [...]
Back Brain Recluse #1
Lyrics by Michael Moorcock, plus fiction by Martin Hull and CHRIS REED, and poetry by Garry Sawyer and Simon Blomfield
Puck and CLF News
[...] nd reviews, plus articles by Dan Pearlman, Don D'Ammassa, James Patrick Kelly, Jeff VanderMeer, and CHRIS REED

Total 9 Displaying 1–9