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A Sack of Midnight: Leaves from the Mabinogion
by Cardinal Cox
ISBN 0905262441 Towering figures burst through the veil that separates our reality from fantastic Other Worlds. Heroes, goddess-heroines, shape changers and monstrous creatures, mingle and conflict, [...]
Time Grows Thin
by Lilith Lorraine
ISBN 0905262433 A tough Texas crime reporter, pulp writer, and much else – the FBI kept a file on her socialist and pioneering feminist views – Lilith Lorraine, in her pen-name, honoured a fellow [...]
Mistaking the Nature of the Posthuman
by Steve Sneyd
ISBN 0905262425 More futures than you could shake a quantum stick at, waiting to meet and greet you with their teeth bared to reveal all the sinister beauty and unstoppable possibility of tomorrow up [...]
Manchee's Revenge
by Robert Cole
ISBN 0905262409 'I whistle and you come.' Are these words from Robert Cole's startling poem sequence threat or promise? And what unique 'I' boasts its powers and capabilities, vows its defiances, [...]
The Sky Giants
by K.V. Bailey
ISBN 0905262409 Through many centuries, the enigmatic story of Parsifal, knight of the Grail, has fascinated writers and readers alike. Uniquely, the poet K.V. Bailey opened for Parsifal the doors of [...]
Life in the Freezer
by Jimmie Dickie
ISBN 0905262395 In a time far beyond our own, frozen dreamers travel outwards. Preserved, by choice or otherwise, in cold eternity. Where do they go? Why? How carried, by ship or world? What, if anyt [...]
Bus Stop / The Long Trip
by John Francis Haines & Dainis Bisenieks
ISBN 0905262387
edited by Steve Sneyd
ISBN 0905262379 The dark, ambiguous figure of snake-haired Medusa, she who turns to stone all who look at her, focus at once of beauty and terror, loss and longing, has never lost her ability to fasc [...]
Bitter-Sweet / Monday Morning Over The World
by Mark Sonnenfeld, Gindy Elizabeth Houston & John B. Michel
ISBN 0905262360 At the fuzzy edges of genre poetry, Sonnenfeld and Houston's poem confronts the reader's layers of horizons of expectation with disordered urban mind-static and images of extra-terres [...]
Elsewhen Unbound: Poetry in American SFanzines in the 1930s to 1960s
by Steve Sneyd
ISBN 0905262352 A much expanded and revised version of Steve's 1996 title on the topic of poetry in American SF community fanzines, Star-Spangled Shadows , which is now all but out of print.

Total 39 Displaying 1–10Pages: 1 2 3 4