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Letting Go of the Earth
edited by Marni Griffin
[...] nes, featuring extensive selections of work by Steve Sneyd, HIlary Shields, Dee Rimbaud, Paul Pinn, MARK MCLAUGHLIN, R.J. Krijnen-Kemp, Magnus Holbourn, and Carrie Etter.
Nasty Piece of Work #12
Fiction and poetry by Jason Gould, MARK MCLAUGHLIN, Peter Tennant, Brian Maycock, Jim Carruth, Simon Bestwick, Tony Mileman, Elle Ludkin, Carol Anne D [...]
Talebones #15
[...] esley Hill, and Mark Rich, poetry by Norman Nathan, Sue Storm, Michelle Scalise, C.S. Thompson, and MARK MCLAUGHLIN, plus an interview with Jonathan Lethem
Roadworks #4
[...] Bucker, Ken Goldman, jon g, Brenda Rubin, D.F. Lewis & Stuart Hughes, Phillip Gething, Paul Lockey, MARK MCLAUGHLIN, Peter Tennant, Lauren Halkon, Nicola Morrison, Nigel Johnson, Dan Coxon, Pamela Stuart, Stuart You [...]
Nasty Piece of Work #11
Fiction and poetry by Carol Anne Davis, Joel Lane, Paul Pinn, jon g, MARK MCLAUGHLIN, Robert Bagnall, Helen Kitson, Tim Lebbon, Simon Bestwick, Steve Conway, Kathryn Hannah Trent, Joan [...]
Enigmatic Tales #4
[...] l Walther, Michael Pendragon, Deborah Maudlin, Stuart Young, James Doig, Martin Owton, Peter Wykes, MARK MCLAUGHLIN, Rick Kennett & A.F. Kidd, and Cardinal Cox
Nasty Piece of Work #4
[...] bbon, Ralph Greco Jr, Mark Leon Collins, Peter Tennant, Trevor Denyer, John B. Ford, Andrew Cromby, MARK MCLAUGHLIN, and Rhys H. Hughes
Nasty Piece of Work #10
[...] len Kitson, P.C. Attaway, Nancy Bennett, John Pelan, Giovanni Malito, Tim Lebbon, Carol Anne Davis, MARK MCLAUGHLIN & Marni Griffin, Ian Hunter, R.J. Krijnen-Kemp, Paul Finch, Rhys Hughes, Ralph Greco Jr, Jane Fell, [...]
Roadworks #3
Fiction by MARK MCLAUGHLIN, Cheryl Jessop, Lauren Halkon, David Ratcliffe, Paul Williams, Andrew Hook, Ash Miller, Rhys Hughes [...]
Last Continent: New Tales of Zothique
edited by John Pelan
[...] by: Gerard Houarner, Rhys Hughes, Brian McNaughton, David B. Silva, David Niall Wilson, Dan Clore, MARK MCLAUGHLIN, Edward Lee & John Pelan, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Don Webb, t. Winter-Damon, Gene Wolfe, Geoff Co [...]

Total 35 Displaying 21–30Pages: 1 2 3 4