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Zom Bee Moo Vee
[...] hty Perfume'. And there has never, ever been a horror film called ZOM BEE MOO VEE ... Until Now. MARK MCLAUGHLIN's prose never disappoints. It might shock, dismay, puzzle, leave you rolling out of your seat laugh [...] e of the most creative, poetic minds of modern literature. David Niall Wilson Pure twisted delight! MARK MCLAUGHLIN, like so many of us, has clearly seen far too many cheap movies and tv shows. But unlike the rest [...] cover I don't know what is. McLaughlin is HOT! If your palette is jaded, come to the feast that is MARK MCLAUGHLIN... here are massive helpings of grisly horror, black humour and surreal splendour. Hugely satisfyin [...]
Talebones #12
Fiction by Hugh Cook, Mary Soon Lee, MARK MCLAUGHLIN, Terry McGarry, Daniel Schwabauer, and Yael Shonfield, poetry by Tom Piccirilli, Shanon M. Sara, Th [...]
Psychotrope #6
Fiction by MARK MCLAUGHLIN, Mark Astley, Paul Pinn, Nigel Quinlan, J.C. Hartley, Robert Caldwell, Gwyneth Jones, Rhys H. Hughe [...]
Not One Of Us #13
[...] ion by Tom Piccirilli, Lorin Emery, Kurt Newton, Stephen R. Crawford, Holly Day, Katherine Harbour, MARK MCLAUGHLIN, and Dane Patton
Palace Corbie #6
Fiction by Mark Rich, Sue Storm, Cindie Geddes, James S. Dorr, Andrea J. Horlick, MARK MCLAUGHLIN, Gemma Files, Margaret Simon & D.F. Lewis, Amy Hembree, Anke Kriske, K.K. Ormond, John Marshall, Ed [...]
Psychotrope #4
Fiction by Tim Lebbon, Peter Jamieson Sinclair, MARK MCLAUGHLIN, Rhys Hughes, Anthony Cawood, James Miller, Bob Hill, Jason Gould, Paul Pinn & D.F. Lewis, John Lig [...]
Not One Of Us #11
Fiction by Jeffrey Osier, Morgan Fields, A.J. Cox, D.F. Lewis, Cliff Burns, MARK MCLAUGHLIN, Shelley Moore, Mark Rich, and David Logan
Not One Of Us #9
[...] eff VanderMeer, Jeffrey Osier, Francis Huff, Carol T. Noble, Stephen M. Rainey, Carroll Welker, and MARK MCLAUGHLIN
Roadworks #10
[...] owitz, Allen Ashley, Cardinal Cox, Dan Coxon, Kay Fletcher, Emma Lee, Alec Worley, Ben Counter, and MARK MCLAUGHLIN, plus Marni Scofidio Griffin as featured writer
Dream Zone #6
[...] Simon Logan, Sarah Crabtree, Peter Tennant, Paul Finch, Gavin Salisbury, David Price, Andrew Hook, MARK MCLAUGHLIN, Kay Fletcher, D.F. Lewis, Sean Russell Friend, Stuart Weller, and Andrew Darlington

Total 35 Displaying 11–20Pages: 1 2 3 4