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So Far, So Near
[...] t cannot argue with nature. Killer cats. Just one of the extraordinary ideas spun into story by MAT COWARD, a writer whose fiction is underpinned by an oblique sense of humour and infused with his wry take [...] Ken MacLeod Even with extremely humorous booby-traps lurking for anyone with the ability to laugh, MAT COWARD cannot disguise his basic humanity – nor can he hide his consummate skills at writing, damn fine [...]
Success ... And How To Avoid It
[...] y could write a book 2. Everyone who thinks they could write a book thinks they should write a book MAT COWARD's Success ... And How To Avoid It is different. Combining humour with practical information, and [...]
Shots #6
[...] w, Bob Cornwall, and John Foster, and fiction by Bill Pronzini, John Foster, Robert J. Randisi, and MAT COWARD
Shots #5
Fiction by Paul Doherty, Mark Timlin, MAT COWARD, and Sandra Savage, interviews with James Sallis, Harlan Coben, Priscilla Masters, Frances Fyfield, [...]
Hardboiled #18
[...] ry Disher, O'Neil De Noux, Royce H. Allen, Joy Hewitt Mann, J.D. Hunt, Jim Knapp, George Pelecanos, MAT COWARD, Marv Lachman, Roger Kyle-Keith, Carter Swart, and Jim Lee
Crimewave #7
ISBN 0952694786 The Last Sunset: Fiction by Gary Couzens, MAT COWARD, Debbie Moon, Antony Mann, Stephen Volk, John Grant, Muriel Gray, Steve Mohn, Marion Arnott, James [...]
Open The Box, and Other Stories
by Andrew Humphrey
[...] isation ... an astonishingly good writer who never gets any jagged edges except when he intends to. MAT COWARD, Mystery Scene
Third Alternative #31
Fiction by Gala Blau, Conrad Williams, John Aegard, Christopher Fowler, MAT COWARD, and Steve Mohn, plus interviews with Michael Marshall Smith, Alan Moore and Jeffrey Ford, and an a [...]
Crimewave #6
ISBN 0952694778 Breaking Point: Fiction by Marion Arnott, Ryan van Cleve, MAT COWARD, Shelley Costa, Martin Edwards, Gary Couzens, Simon Avery, Tim Lees, Steve Rasnic Tem, Conrad Willi [...]
#1 (=Zene #25)
[...] the British Fantasy Society Gary Couzens, Steve Rasnic Tem's top ten short stories of all time, and MAT COWARD on his favourite anthology

Total 15 Displaying 1–10Pages: 1 2