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Angel Body and other Magic for the Soul
edited by Chris Reed & David Memmott
ISBN 1872588050 For the past twenty years the American small press WORDCRAFT OF OREGON has built up a stable of authors that reads like a speculative fiction who's who. Many have gone on [...] and excerpts from the book. Please note: US customers may prefer to order in dollars direct from WORDCRAFT OF OREGON . ... the amazing Angel Body ... many [of the] stories swing for the fences (and more often than [...]
Realism & Other Illusions: Essays on the Craft of Writing
by Thomas E. Kennedy
ISBN 1877655384 Thomas E. Kennedy is the author of thirteen books, including five of fiction, four of literary criticism and four anthologies. His stories have won the Angoff Award (1988), Pushcart P [...]
Smoking Mirror Blues
by Ernest Hogan
ISBN 1877655376 An Ancient God Tezcatlipoca, the Mirror that Smokes, warrior/wizard god of the Aztecs. Western Civilization thought it wiped him out centuries ago... A New Technology With the hel [...]
by Lance Olsen
ISBN 187765535X Feral children. Illicit nano-drugs. False memories. Televisual consciousness. A Dickensian 2023 London in extremis. Just another day in Lance Olsen's imagination... For all its surfac [...]
by Brian Clark
ISBN 1877655309 Splitting is a novel of wild ideas, word devilry, a mad romance starring a cast of boisterously original millennians. Splitting is a state of mind where mythology, poetry and arch [...]
Red Spider White Web
by Misha
ISBN 1877655295 First US publication of the acclaimed British edition which was a finalist for the Arthur C. Clarke Award (1990) and winner of a Readercon Award (1991). Misha's Red Spider White Web [...]
Shadow Bones
by David Memmott
ISBN 1877655287 Twelve speculative fictions by a Rhysling Award winner and author of three poetry collections, bringing together works that have appeared around the world in publications as diverse a [...]
The Explanation and Other Good Advice
by Don Webb
ISBN 1877655252 Twenty-five short fictions by the mad shaman genius of Austin, including nine new pieces. These flash fictions comprise a killer app programmed by Don Webb to reconfigure your imagina [...]
The Book of Angels
by Thomas E. Kennedy
ISBN 1877655236 From the dawn of history, magicians and poets have sought the land of the dead – magicians by force of will, poets by power of imagination. In The Book of Angels , fiction write [...]
Unreal City
by Thomas E. Kennedy
ISBN 1877655171 Ten wildly imaginative short stories, including Pushcart Prize nominees 'To The Western Wall, Luke Havergal' and 'The Heat Death' as well as 'A Berlin of the Mind', 'Murphy's Angel', [...]

Total 25 Displaying 1–10Pages: 1 2 3