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Children of Purgatory
ISBN 1897968345 Rifang's voice destines him to become a chorister in the cathedral in the capital city of the Autarchy of Purgatory but during a procession through the city his glimpse of the girl Je [...]
Conspiracy of the Dead
ISBN 1897968302 In the worlds beyond, the evil dead plot to dominate the Universe of the living through their armies of thralls. Recognising that the people of Lavandrel hold a pivotal position in th [...]
T.T. Triangle
by JOHN LIGHT & Marilyn Light
ISBN 1897968272 Trancular Tronsum Triangle sets out to rid his land of the fierce and greedy Terrible Triangle but gets lost. He meets Silly Circle, Secret Circle, Super Square and Lord Allshapes bef [...]
Tower Beyond Time
ISBN 1897968248 In the sequel to No Space in Time , the minds of the hexacontinuum had miscalculated and the result of their error was Melgor Erdin. Isolated from the cosmos which his very existence [...]
ISBN 189796823X 'You would do well to choose this book. And it may just leave you wanting to read more of the same. The language is rich, lush and expressive. It carries us along on a path of discove [...]
The Flower
ISBN 1897968175 In a grey city without flowers, Brigg finds a packet of seeds... An allegorical tale with slight Orwellian undertones... There is more than a touch of genius at work in these ... illu [...]
No Space In Time
ISBN 1897968183 Tandar and Karyopa rule a happy empire under the six suns that never set, but they are childless. When an ancient mage appears in the Tower of Jeratana bearing unto them a baby prince [...]
by Steve Sneyd & JOHN LIGHT
ISBN 0907759181 Both Steve Sneyd and JOHN LIGHT write about the future. They gave a joint reading at the Newham Science Fiction Festival and more r [...] on the Internet, broadcast on BBC Radio Four's Stanza, and he has read at a number of festivals. JOHN LIGHT is the author of three science fiction novels, of many short stories, poems, drawings, articles and [...]
The Zone #9
Fiction by Neal Asher, Nancy Bennett, Hugh Cook, JOHN LIGHT, and David Ratcliffe, plus interviews with Pat Cadigan, Joe Haldeman, Simon Ings, Dean Koontz, Alis [...]
Maelstrom #8
Fiction by Alan Casey, JOHN LIGHT, Mike O'Driscoll, Jason Druce, Robert Campbell, Joy Matthews, and Steve Lockley

Total 40 Displaying 1–10Pages: 1 2 3 4