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Legend #4
Fiction by Sarah Singleton, MARK MCLAUGHLIN, John Grillo, David Gullen, Pamela Constantine, Martin Owton & Miriam Robertson, Mark Howard Jones, [...]
Dream Zone #9
[...] n Bestwick, Steve Mosby, Henrik Johnsson, D. Harlan Wilson, Ian Watson, Eve Rings, Andrew Humphrey, MARK MCLAUGHLIN, James McConnon, and Allen Ashley
Talebones #20
[...] y and verse from G.O. Clark, J.W. Donnelly, Jessica K.S. Gillece, Bruce Boston, Robert Colburn, and MARK MCLAUGHLIN, and an interview with Amy Thomson
Psychotrope #8
Fiction by Hugh Cook, Rhys Hughes, Helen Kitson, David Williamson, Mark Astley, MARK MCLAUGHLIN, Peter Tennant, Steve Burt, Matthew Firth, Giovanni Malito, and D.F. Lewis, Keith Brooke & Lawrence [...]
Roadworks #7
[...] l Finch, Robert D. Richards, Richard Reeve, Ray Clark, Andrew Hook, Allen Ashley, Clinton Wastling, MARK MCLAUGHLIN, Paul Pinn, and Lauren Halkon, with Ceri Jordan as featured writer
Nasty Snips
edited by Christopher C. Teague
[...] hn R. Platt, Scott Nicholson, Paul Bradshaw, Edo van Belkom, Amy Grech, James S. Dorr, Doug Hewitt, MARK MCLAUGHLIN, Staci Layne Wilson, Bill Francis, Jason Andrew, and Tony Mileman.
Cyber-Psycho's A.O.D. #8
Fiction/poetry by MARK MCLAUGHLIN, Uncle River, Geoff Jackson, Christopher Morris, Kerry Knudsen, Kurt Newton, Doug Rice, D.F. Lewis, [...]
Talebones #9
[...] her, B. Franklin Thatcher, Mark Rich, and Bronwyn Elko, poetry by Alan Rice Osborn, Trey R. Barker, MARK MCLAUGHLIN, Rob Cook, and J.W. Donnelly, and an interview with Tim Powers
Scavenger's Newsletter #175
Interview with writer and Urbanite editor MARK MCLAUGHLIN
Cyber-Psycho's A.O.D. #6
Fiction/poetry by MARK MCLAUGHLIN, Don Webb, Gary Lynn Morton, Brian Hodge, Michael Hemmingson, K.K. Ormond, David F. Kramer, Lorin E [...]

Total 35 Displaying 1–10Pages: 1 2 3 4