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Dreams & Nightmares #37
[...] ler, Robert Frazier, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Edward Mycue, Robert Head, Lois Hayn, Wendy Rathbone, STEVE SNEYD, Phil Flott Jr, Richard L. Levesque, Geof Huth, and Thomas Wiloch, plus short prose work by D.F. Le [...]
Dreams & Nightmares #39
[...] gkans, David Lunde, James Sallis, M.L. Brannock Lunde, Jane Rose, Ann K. Schwader, Stan Proper, and STEVE SNEYD, plus short prose work by D.F. Lewis
Dreams & Nightmares #46
Poetry by STEVE SNEYD, W. Gregory Stewart, Peter Goldstein, Guy Beining, David Walter, Mary E. Choo, Keith Allen Daniels, [...]
Dreams & Nightmares #64
Poetry by Mario Milosevic, Tim Jones, s.c. virtes, Mike Allen, STEVE SNEYD, Deborah P. Kolodji, Sonya Taaffe, April Lott, Joey Froehlich, Bruce Boston, Lucy A.E. Ward, and Ma [...]
Back Brain Recluse #24
[...] ogha, Denise Dumars, Conger Beasley Jr, and Bruce Boston, poetry by Lee Ballentine, Nathan Whiting, STEVE SNEYD, Dan Raphael, Sandra Lindow, and John Noto, graphic narrative by Mark Bilokur, and Andi & Lance Ols [...]
Angel Body and other Magic for the Soul
edited by Chris Reed & David Memmott
[...] ogan: 'Burrito Meltdown' Andi and Lance Olsen: 'Sewing Shut My Eyes' Scott Edelman: 'Choosing Time' STEVE SNEYD: 'They Always Think They Know' (poem) Dan Raphael: 'City Gathers in the Drain' (poem) W. Gregory St [...]
Dreams & Nightmares #53
Poetry by Holly Day, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Scott E. Green, K.S. Hardy, Nancy Bennett, STEVE SNEYD, Dwight E. Humphries, Kurt Newton, W. Gregory Stewart, John Grey, and Charlee Jacob, plus short pro [...]
by STEVE SNEYD & John Light
ISBN 0907759181 Both STEVE SNEYD and John Light write about the future. They gave a joint reading at the Newham Science Fiction Fest [...] s and myths. Those in our past sought to imprint their meaning in stones, as we in words – for STEVE SNEYD, whose work is constantly haunted by the presence of past as much as future in what we call present [...] r solo collection. A creative writing tutor since the late 1980s, after many years as a copywriter, STEVE SNEYD has lived in Almondbury, near Huddersfield, since the 1960s. His poetry has been published in many [...]
Maelstrom #2
Fiction by Phil Carradice, Joy Matthews, Monica Aldous, STEVE SNEYD, Gabriel Chanan, Derrick Gaskin, and Edmund Harwood
Maelstrom #1
Fiction by Pat Foster, STEVE SNEYD, Rob Freeth, Edward M. Rumble, Adrian Green, and Derrick Gaskin

Total 63 Displaying 11–20Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7