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Gestaltmacher, Gestaltmacher, Make Me a Gestalt
[...] een said that the Universe is not only stranger than we imagine, it's stranger than we can imagine. STEVE SNEYD, throughout his years as a poet, has seen it as an essential part of his work to make joyous contac [...] the sort of space that you might find in your own back garden ... I heartily recommend this map of STEVE SNEYD. Enjoy!'
Letting Go of the Earth
edited by Marni Griffin
[...] logy of speculative poetry, introduced by John F. Haines, featuring extensive selections of work by STEVE SNEYD, HIlary Shields, Dee Rimbaud, Paul Pinn, Mark McLaughlin, R.J. Krijnen-Kemp, Magnus Holbourn, and C [...]
Gnawing Medusa's Flesh: The Science Fiction Poetry of Robert Calvert
by STEVE SNEYD & David Jones
ISBN 0905262212 Robert – Bob – Calvert died, tragically early, over a decade ago. Yet his work, his influences, live on. Those great musical survivors, Hawkwind, have continued to bring his [...]
Nasty Piece of Work #8
[...] mon Woodward, jon g, Uncle River, Gary Greenwood, R.G. Riel, Gary McMahon, Marc Harris, Dave Cooke, STEVE SNEYD, and John Moralee
Enigmatic Tales #2
[...] lie K. Blissett, Paul Finch, Alan Austin, John Davis, and L.H. Maynard & M.P.N. Sims, and poetry by STEVE SNEYD
Sierra Heaven #4
[...] nnor, Heather Douglass, and Paul Birkett, plus Andy Darlington on the revival of Hammer Horror, and STEVE SNEYD on the life and works of Lilith Lorraine
Premonitions #4
[...] Darlington, J.C. Hartley, Wolfgang Luckmann, Brian Maycock, Wade Robbertson, William P. Robertson, STEVE SNEYD, Geoff Stevens, J.P.V. Stewart, and Steve Urwin
Dreams From The Strangers Cafe #4
[...] nthony Cawood, David Logan, Mark McLaughlin and others, and poetry by Steve Jones, Claire Mitchell, STEVE SNEYD, William P. Robertson, William Kopecky and others
Back Brain Recluse #8
Fiction by STEVE SNEYD, Wayne Rile Williams, Mark Iles, John Light, Wayne Allen Sallee, Paul Roland, and Michael Cobley, plus poetry by Ray Jon, Geoff Stevens, and STEVE SNEYD
In Coils of Earthen Hold
ISBN 3705209248 An extensive selection from Steve's genre and non-genre output over the last 30 years.

Total 63 Displaying 51–60Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7