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War of the Words: A Sampler of SF Fanzine Pomes
edited by STEVE SNEYD
ISBN 0905262034 When Science Fiction took us to the stars, did laughter get left behind? Judge for yourself – with this starburst of classic 'pomes' from the halcyon days of fannish writing. The [...]
The Best of Back Brain Recluse
edited by Chris Reed
[...] of which have been out of print for many years. Full contents: Simon C. Jones, 'The Spidermonger' STEVE SNEYD, 'Camera Out' (poem) D'Israeli, 'All in the Game' (comic strip) Chris Reed, 'The Rise and Fall of t [...] Blue Extreme' (poem) Anne Dyer, 'Mirror Mirror on the Wall' Tom Bingham, 'Swinging the Lead' (poem) STEVE SNEYD, 'Something to Look Forward To' (poem) Michael Moorcock, 'The Curse of Man' (lyrics) Andrew Darlington, 'Circular Error' STEVE SNEYD, 'King of a Nutshell' (poem) D'Israeli, 'Azimuth: A Matter of Ascendancy' (comic strip) Chris Reed, [...]
Palace Corbie #4
[...] lee, Richard L. Levesque, Andre Scheluchin, Lorrie Beaver Levesque, Marge Simon, Michael A. Arnzen, STEVE SNEYD, Holly Day, Bob Cook, and Charlee Jacob
A Word in your Eye: An Introduction to the Graphic Poem
ISBN 0905262247 Take a poem. Add pictures. Turn it into a comic strip. Transgressive act, a kind of spitting in the muse's font? Or is this an opening of new windows of possibility? Are you adding ne [...]
Back Brain Recluse #12
Fiction by STEVE SNEYD, D.F. Lewis, Matthew Dickens, Don Webb, Grace S. Wedderburn, Jeff VanderMeer, Tom Farbman, Michael [...]
Back Brain Recluse #7
[...] ichael Moorcock Special Issue with exclusive interview and lyrics, plus Jerry Cornelius stories by STEVE SNEYD, Chris Reed, and Andrew Darlington
Back Brain Recluse #5
Fiction by STEVE SNEYD, Breda Sweeney, John Light, Albert Russo, Sam Bayley, Andy Darlington, Don Webb, and H.R. Felgenhau [...]
Back Brain Recluse #4
[...] lyn Almond, and Chris Reed, plus lyrics by Michael Moorcock, poetry by Tom Bingham,t. Winter-Damon, STEVE SNEYD, and Andrew Darlington, and a comic strip by D'Israeli
Back Brain Recluse #3
Fiction by Jocelyn Almond, Anne Dyer, and Andrew Darlington, plus poetry by STEVE SNEYD and a comic strip by D'Israeli
Premonitions #3
[...] iam L. Ramseyer, plus verse by Stephen Bowkett, Bruce Boston, Robert Frazier, William P. Robertson, STEVE SNEYD, and J.P.V. Stewart

Total 63 Displaying 41–50Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7