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Scavenger's Newsletter #146
Interview with STEVE SNEYD
Mystery of the City
edited by John Light
[...] , John Mingay, Eric Ratcliffe, Peter Russell, Jeanne Leigh Schuler, Ruth Wildes Schuler, Sam Smith, STEVE SNEYD, Barry Tebb, and John Tungay.
Xizquil #8
Fiction by Mark Rich, Don Webb, STEVE SNEYD, Albert J. Manachino, Cat Hicks, J.A. Wells, Nowick Gray, and John Light
Xizquil #7
Fiction by William J. Daciuk, Elizabeth Margareta Griffith, Dee Tomczyk, STEVE SNEYD, Harry Willson, Cynthia Ward, Mark Rich, and S.C. Virtes
Orestes / You Can See The Past From Here
by Tom Bamford & STEVE SNEYD
[...] 70s. Presented in an upside-down-and-back-to-back format with You Can See The Past From Here by STEVE SNEYD. Though its output over the past three decades has been by Steve's own admission somewhat sporadic, [...]
Fierce Far Suns: Proto-SF and SF poetry in America
ISBN 090526214X Franklin, Poe, Whitman – from the beginning there were poets in America looking outward to people the far reaches of space. There were darker poetic visions, too, of beings from [...]
Star-Spangled Shadows: Poetry in American Fanzines
[...] ly a preliminary report on his continuing research into a vast topic, this chapbook is testament to STEVE SNEYD's exhaustive and dedicated approach, borne of an obvious love of the subject.
Flights from the Iron Moon
ISBN 0905262123 A look back at genre poetry in UK fanzines and little magazines of the 1980s. This first issue contains 128 pages of information, extracts and histories from a period of intense fanzi [...]
Dream Protocols
by Lee Ballentine
[...] rity just beyond conscious apprehension of dreams – lancing the 20th century wound with light. STEVE SNEYD
Bad News from the Stars / Short Circuits
by STEVE SNEYD & Bruce Boston
ISBN 0938075160 STEVE SNEYD's Bad News From the Stars is SF verse from one of the most successful writers and stylists. Prese [...]

Total 63 Displaying 31–40Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7