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Gravity's Angels
edited by Gary Couzens, Trevor Denyer, et al.
ISBN 0953294900 From the past to the present day, to the future and the never was, Gravity's Angels is a collection of 14 stories of horror, fantasy, SF and slipstream from Mark Leon Collins, Maria [...]
Going Postal
edited by Gerard Daniel Houarner
ISBN 0917053117 'You want to do it. Pressure builds, frustrations pile up, options diminish until there seems to be only one explosive choice left. But you don't do anything. You're afraid. You still [...]
Laying Siege to Tomorrow: Poetry in UK SFanzines from the 1930s to 50s
by Steve Sneyd
ISBN 0905262166 War loomed inescapably in the late '30s, dominated life in the first half of the '40s, and left a long aftermath of austerity as its legacy to the late '40s, while Cold War shadowed t [...]
The Lords of Hate
by John Light
ISBN 1897968035 'John Light's latest novel The Lords of Hate blends the breakneck galaxy-hopping action of vintage pulps with philosophical musings on mortality, reality, destiny, free will and sci [...]
Tesseracts 6
edited by Robert J. Sawyer & Carolyn Clink
ISBN 1895836336 1895836328 Edited by Nebula Award winning author Robert J. Sawyer and poet Carolyn Clink, Tesseracts 6 brings together the best new Canadian SF in English (and in translation). This [...]
Murder in Space
by E.C. Tubb
ISBN 0936071893 Mankind has embarked on the conquest of space. But even when, in the future, civilisation becomes truly space-borne, human nature will have remained the same. When we reach out into s [...]
Orestes / You Can See The Past From Here
by Tom Bamford & Steve Sneyd
ISBN 0905262042 Lost since the mid 1970s and only recently rediscovered, Tom Bamford's long poem Orestes demands reading as much now as it did 20 years ago – indeed in some ways it speaks mor [...]
Without Honour
by Robert Neilson
Collected together for the first time, this selection of short stories by Robert Neilson amply demonstrates the versatility of style and content of this widely published writer. From 'The Lincoln Reco [...]
The Plague Saint
by Rita Donovan
ISBN 1895836298 189583628X Written by two-time Ottawa-Carleton Book Award winner Rita Donovan, The Plague Saint describes a world torn apart by a sexually transmitted plague. The compelling story c [...]
The Big Fellow
by Robert Neilson & Alan Casey
For their first comics project, writer Bob Neilson and artist Alan Casey collaborate on a slightly different interpretation of the Goliath story. Bob Neilson did an excellent job with the story and th [...]

Total 180 Displaying 51–60Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18