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Fierce Far Suns: Proto-SF and SF poetry in America
by Steve Sneyd
ISBN 090526214X Franklin, Poe, Whitman – from the beginning there were poets in America looking outward to people the far reaches of space. There were darker poetic visions, too, of beings from [...]
Tesseracts Q
edited by Elisabeth Vonarburg & Jane Brierley
ISBN 1895836220 1895836212 Six years in the making, this massive volume brings together the best speculative writing by Quebec authors over the last twenty years, superbly translated into English to [...]
Tesseracts 5
edited by Robert Runte & Yves Meynard
ISBN 1895836263 1895836255 The award-winning anthology series of Canadian science fiction, with original works by writers both new and established. Fiction by Sally McBride, Jan Lars Jensen, Francine [...]
The Taming
by Heather Spears
ISBN 1895836247 1895836239 This poetic and redemptive final volume of the trilogy that starts with Moonfall and continues with The Children of Atwar follows Ard, Tared and Ask to the terraformed [...]
Striped Laugh of the Juggling Dancer Rhymes
by Syd Foster
SF poetry from a writer who has lived variously in North America, India and Europe, including 'Albion's Child in England', the poem which won the 1986 Bridport Arts Centre International Poetry Competi [...]
The Lobster Quadrille
by Andrew Darlington
ISBN 0905262085 Impossible meetings, all-too-fatally possible encounters – you'll feel the pain in your psychic armour as you share the experiences of interfacing with the devouring millennial t [...]
by Noel K. Hannan & Rik Rawling
A Streetmeat special edition featuring strips and stories set in Melanoma Solo's world, plus a gallery section with views of Melanoma Solo by fourteen different artists including Dave (Batman) Taylo [...]
The Planet Suite
by Allen Ashley
ISBN 0952694719 Each successive astronaut has gazed back and found our magic marble a little less blue. The Moon landings offered a promise which is never likely to be delivered. Maybe the only solar [...]
Star-Spangled Shadows: Poetry in American Fanzines
by Steve Sneyd
ISBN 0905262131 An overview of poetry in early SF fanzines, exploring the role of individual magazines and authors. Although only a preliminary report on his continuing research into a vast topic, th [...]
Rutherford's Dreams
edited by Warwick Bennett & Patrick Hudson
ISBN 0908876874 A ground-breaking collection of 20 SF stories by 17 New Zealand-based authors featuring themes set around Earth and space. Both the authors and their stories are very highly acclaimed [...]

Total 180 Displaying 61–70Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18