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Systems of Romance
by Paul Evenblij & Paul Harland
ISBN 9073730279 A terrorist attempts to destroy a virtual cathedral ... One of the Last Boys, consumed by his need for love, creates life too hastily and has to face the consequences ... In a Paris p [...]
A Very British Genre
by Paul Kincaid
ISBN 1870824377 An idiosyncratic and partisan appraisal that traces science fiction and fantasy from its origins in Wells, Shelley and before, through scientific romance and cosy catastrophe to the n [...]
Dealers in Light and Darkness
by Cherry Wilder
ISBN 0962906646 Nine stories, mostly SF, by an excellent and often under-rated writer. These stories of Cherry Wilder's are so beautifully crafted, poignant, and perfect in their humanity, and their [...]
Lines of Light
by John Light
ISBN 3705204149 John Light is a scientist, painter, novelist, and poet. In this first substantial collection of his verse all these interests find expression. Some of the poems deal with immense them [...]
The Well of Time
by John Light
ISBN 1897968116 Beneath the orange skies and blue sun of Lavandrel an unadventurous people have farmed the red landscape for millennia. Into this placid world an alien presence brings a grey blight t [...]
AE: The Seven Wonders of the Universe
by Mike Johnson
ISBN 0905262077 A tour-de-force alike of dramatic Science Fiction narrative and of powerfully experimental prose-poetry, Mike Johnson's AE takes the reader on a wonderful, and terrifying, tour of t [...]
Galileo's Blindness
by Mary A. Turzillo
ISBN 0963784943 A new collection by this widely-published poet. A graduate of the Clarion Fiction Writing Workshop of Michigan State University, Mary Turzillo's poetry has appeared in Asimov's, Tale [...]
Death on Dorado
by John Light
ISBN 0952252201 When wealthy businessman Edlin Borrowitch is murdered, Tec Sarn Denson is called in to defend the accused woman, but the case is a puzzling one, and Denson finds her innocence difficu [...]
The Children of Atwar
by Heather Spears
ISBN 0888783353 In this intricate and poetic sequel to the best-selling Moonfall , award-winning author Heather Spears continues the tale of Tasman and her children in a post-holocaust world inhabit [...]
Hogfoot Right and Bird-Hands
by Garry Kilworth
ISBN 0962906638 Thirteen tales of dark fantasy and science fiction from one of England's most respected authors. If imagination could be stolen, Garry Kilworth would have to keep his locked up. Readi [...]

Total 180 Displaying 81–90Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18