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On Spec: The First Five Years
edited by On Spec Editorial Collective
ISBN 1895836123 1895836085 Featuring the best short stories and poetry from the first half-decade of the award-winning Canadian science fiction and fantasy magazine, On Spec . Includes fiction by Ei [...]
Jackal Bird
by Michael Barley
ISBN 1895836115 1895836077 On the new world of Isurus, the remnants of indigenous life give way to the terraforming colonists. The children play complex war games, mimicking the conflicts of past gen [...]
Reluctant Voyagers
by Elisabeth Vonarburg
ISBN 1895836158 1895836093 In Catherine Rhymer's Montreal, the familiar streets are changing; history is unpredictable, and irrational events are becoming commonplace. In search of the truth about h [...]
Blue Apes
by Phyllis Gottlieb
ISBN 189583614X 1895836131 From the title piece, 'Blue Apes', a story of discovery, loss and betrayal on a distant planet, to 'Sunday's Child', an account of an alien birth to human colonists, Phylli [...]
High Fantastic
edited by Steve Rasnic Tem
ISBN 0938075454 Many important fantastists and science fiction writers have lived and written in Colorado from the 1940s to the 1990s. For some, Colorado did not feature prominently in their work. Bu [...]
Phase Language
by Lee Ballentine
ISBN 1880766078 As the empires wend their way, both glittering and dark, toward the 'end' or 'turn of the century', poet Lee Ballentine records the procession in scenarios that project the 'informa [...]
by Dave Calder
ISBN 0905262093 In this powerful sequence Dave Calder explores the outward quest for knowledge, and the inward search for meaning, of his space voyager narrator. Freeing this explorer of the endlessn [...]
Seven Tales and a Fable
by Gwyneth Jones
ISBN 0962906654 The collected fairy tales, including 'The Glass Princess', World Fantasy Award winner for best short fiction. Gwyneth Jones understands fairy tales. She knows that tales are always po [...]
by Noel K. Hannan & Rik Rawling
A hard-hitting graphic novel set in 21st century Seattle. Superbly atmospheric b&w artwork from Rik Rawling, tense and gripping narrative from Noel K. Hannan. In two books. Manga meets the north-west [...]
Flights from the Iron Moon
by Steve Sneyd
ISBN 0905262123 A look back at genre poetry in UK fanzines and little magazines of the 1980s. This first issue contains 128 pages of information, extracts and histories from a period of intense fanzi [...]

Total 180 Displaying 71–80Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18