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Midnight Street cover

Midnight Street

Subject: Science Fiction / Fantasy / Horror / Speculative Fiction
Category: Magazine
Country of Origin: UK (NSFA)

This is the new magazine from Immediate Directions. It is the successor to Roadworks and retains many of the elements that made that magazine so successful and critically acclaimed, including some of the best fiction around, but with a colour cover and A4 size to allow for more artwork.

Issues available: Our Price inc. p&p Status

Fiction by Joanne Shemmans, Nik Morton, Nick Jackson, Gord Rollo, Ralph Robert Moore, Gary Couzens, Tim Nickels, Jeani Rector, and Andrew Roberts, plus an interview with Gord Rollo (A4, 56pp) UK only: £3.80 in stock

Fiction by Tony Richards, David Gullen, Michael Lohr, Joel Lane, Jane Fell, William Mitchell, Marion Arnott, Allen Ashley, and Carl Barker, plus interviews with Guy N. Smith and Michelle Belanger (A4, 56pp) UK only: £3.80 in stock

Fiction by David Penn, Mark Samuels, Ralph Robert Moore, Michael Cobley, Stephen Melling, Peter Tennant, Steve Redwood, Andrew Hook, and Patricia J. Esposito, plus interviews with Mark Samuels and Andrew Hook (A4, 56pp) UK only: £3.80 in stock

Fiction by Al Robertson, Andrew Humphrey, Joel Lane, Gary McMahon, Stephen Gallagher, Simon Bestwick, Heather Richardson, and Nina Allan, plus interviews with Neil Gaiman, Stephen Gallagher, and Harry Harrison (A4, 56pp) UK only: £3.80 in stock

Fiction by Mark Howard Jones, Allen Ashley, Ken Goldman, John Paul Catton, Donna Taylor Burgess, Peter Loftus, Sharon Bidwell, Roz Southey, and Chris Ward, plus interviews with Peter Straub, Sarah Pinborough, and Donna Taylor Burgess (A4, 56pp) UK only: £3.50 in stock

Fiction by L.H. Maynard & M.P.N. Sims, Nick Jackson, Stuart Young, David Gullen, Ken Brady, Nicola Caines, Peter Tennant, Evelyn King, Nels Stanley, and Jane Fell, plus an interview with Lilith Stabs (A4, 56pp) UK only: £3.50 in stock

Fiction by Gary Fry, Adena Graham, Steve Redwood, Michael Lohr, Rhys Hughes, Allen Ashley & Andrew Hook, and Ralph Robert Moore, plus interviews with Gary Fry and Ralph Robert Moore (A4, 56pp) UK only: £3.50 in stock

Fiction by Tony Richards, Paul Finch, Nina Allan, Michael Beeman, Gary Couzens, S.A. Tranter, Jerry Oltion, and William I. Lengeman III, plus an interview with Deborah LeBlanc (A4, 52pp) UK only: £3.50 in stock

Fiction by Tim Lees, Jetse De Vries, Gary Fry, Simon Clark, Marie O'Regan, Tim Nickels, and Allen Ashley, plus interviews with Tim Lees and Simon Clark. Also includes free 24-page Simon Clark bibliography compiled by Tony Mileman, covering Simon's short fiction from 1972 to 2005 with introduction by Simon Clark and brief biographical introduction by Tony Mileman. (A4, 52pp) UK only: £3.50 in stock

Fiction by Rosanne Rabinowitz, Ralph Robert Moore, Gary McMahon, Scott Nicholson, Jane Fell, Paul Edwards, Andrew Roberts, Lauren Halkon, and Ronald Jones, plus an interview with Eric S. Brown (A4, 52pp) UK only: £3.50 in stock

Fiction by Joel Lane, Quentin S. Crisp, Lisa Tate, John B. Rosenman, Tim Lees, Jay Lake, Trey R. Barker, and David Price, plus interviews with Joel Lane, Scott Nicholson, and David Longhorn (A4, 52pp) UK only: £3.50 in stock

Fiction by Peter Tennant, R.D. Robbins, Byron Starr, Tim Lees, A.C. Evans, David Penn, Jonathan William Hodges, Roz Southey, David Hudson, and Terry Gates-Grimwood, plus interviews with Peter Tennant and Sephera Giron (A4, 52pp) UK only: £3.50 in stock

Fiction by Andrew Humphrey, Antony Mann, Joel Lane, Paul Finch, Steve Redwood, Gary Couzens, Catherine J. Gardner, David Rawson, and Cathy Buburuz, plus interviews with Andrew Humphrey and Antony Mann (A4, 52pp) N/A out of print