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Mistaking the Nature of the Posthuman
by Steve Sneyd
ISBN 0905262425 More futures than you could shake a quantum stick at, waiting to meet and greet you with their teeth bared to reveal all the sinister beauty and unstoppable possibility of tomorrow up [...]
by Andrew Humphrey
Chris believed that Alison was the love of his life. He believed that Spike and Emma were his best friends. He trusted them. Turns out we all have our dark side... This first novel from successful [...]
The Cusp of Something
by Jai Clare
ISBN 0955318130 He stands at the threshold, feeling on the cusp of something and yet half empty and dizzy with visions and aromas. He feels solid and yet capable of flight. Hard and flimsy. There's [...]
That's Entertainment
by Robert Neilson
ISBN 0955318122 'Superman was always a bastard.' 'You can't say that.' 'It's my autobiography. In my head, it's always started with that line. In these fourteen short stories entertainment is expl [...]
So Far, So Near
by Mat Coward
ISBN 0955318106 My cat gets inside the TV and kills people. I know it does, I've seen it. But you just cannot argue with nature. Killer cats. Just one of the extraordinary ideas spun into story [...]
Extended Play: The Elastic Book of Music
edited by Gary Couzens
ISBN 095488129X What does music do for you? Is it an art form, mood enhancer, or just something to jump around to? From the orchestra pit to the mosh pit music inspires our lives, is universal and pe [...]
Emerald Eye
edited by Frank Ludlow & Roelof Goudriaan
ISBN 0953478440 Emerald Eye is a celebration of all things fantastic in modern Irish writing. Stories of fevered imagination have been part of the Irish psyche from the oral tradition through to th [...]
Trailer Park Fairy Tales
by Matt Dinniman
ISBN 0954881230 Matt Dinniman combines the mundane with the unusual to fashion twelve intriguing stories where the only certainty is that uncertainty lies ahead. The lives of his characters uniquely [...]
The Elastic Book of Numbers
edited by Allen Ashley
ISBN 0954881214 Numbers rule our lives: clocks, calendars and deadlines; salaries and benefits; tax codes and pin numbers; mortgages, bills and credit limits; the FTSE and the Dow Jones; mobiles, lan [...]
Visits to the Flea Circus
by Nick Jackson
ISBN 0954881206 Quiet magical realism and poignant character studies go hand in hand in Nick Jackson's first collection of stories. His understated style and meticulous prose lead us into situations [...]

Total 121 Displaying 1–10Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13