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Time Grows Thin
by Lilith Lorraine
ISBN 0905262433 A tough Texas crime reporter, pulp writer, and much else – the FBI kept a file on her socialist and pioneering feminist views – Lilith Lorraine, in her pen-name, honoured a fellow [...]
Mistaking the Nature of the Posthuman
by Steve Sneyd
ISBN 0905262425 More futures than you could shake a quantum stick at, waiting to meet and greet you with their teeth bared to reveal all the sinister beauty and unstoppable possibility of tomorrow up [...]
Children of Purgatory
by John Light
ISBN 1897968345 Rifang's voice destines him to become a chorister in the cathedral in the capital city of the Autarchy of Purgatory but during a procession through the city his glimpse of the girl Je [...]
Manchee's Revenge
by Robert Cole
ISBN 0905262409 'I whistle and you come.' Are these words from Robert Cole's startling poem sequence threat or promise? And what unique 'I' boasts its powers and capabilities, vows its defiances, [...]
Another Santana Morning
by Mike Dolan
ISBN 0955318157 This is a book about magic. It is also about love ... and other emotions. But mainly it concerns those moments when suddenly we become aware of the magical aspects of the world, when [...]
Life in the Freezer
by Jimmie Dickie
ISBN 0905262395 In a time far beyond our own, frozen dreamers travel outwards. Preserved, by choice or otherwise, in cold eternity. Where do they go? Why? How carried, by ship or world? What, if anyt [...]
That's Entertainment
by Robert Neilson
ISBN 0955318122 'Superman was always a bastard.' 'You can't say that.' 'It's my autobiography. In my head, it's always started with that line. In these fourteen short stories entertainment is expl [...]
So Far, So Near
by Mat Coward
ISBN 0955318106 My cat gets inside the TV and kills people. I know it does, I've seen it. But you just cannot argue with nature. Killer cats. Just one of the extraordinary ideas spun into story [...]
Bus Stop / The Long Trip
by John Francis Haines & Dainis Bisenieks
ISBN 0905262387
Emerald Eye
edited by Frank Ludlow & Roelof Goudriaan
ISBN 0953478440 Emerald Eye is a celebration of all things fantastic in modern Irish writing. Stories of fevered imagination have been part of the Irish psyche from the oral tradition through to th [...]

Total 180 Displaying 1–10Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18