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Dreams & Nightmares #90
[...] alcohn, Wade German, Denny Marshall, Marge Simon, Marsheila Rockwell, Kurt Newton, Ann K. Schwader, STEVE SNEYD, James S. Dorr, Elizabeth Barrette, and Kurt MacPhearson
Time Grows Thin
by Lilith Lorraine
[...] collection of her work is accompanied by an introduction, extensive biography, and bibliography, by STEVE SNEYD.
Mistaking the Nature of the Posthuman
ISBN 0905262425 More futures than you could shake a quantum stick at, waiting to meet and greet you with their teeth bared to reveal all the sinister beauty and unstoppable possibility of tomorrow up [...]
Dreams & Nightmares #79
[...] e Winter, Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, Colleen Anderson, W. Gregory Stewart, Neal Wilgus, Ray Greenblatt, STEVE SNEYD, Tom Galusha, and Gary William Crawford
Dreams & Nightmares #73
Poetry by Ruth Berman, Mary E. Choo, G.O. Clark, Sandra Lindow, Bruce Boston, STEVE SNEYD, Jessica Langer, Yoon Ha Lee, Deborah P. Kolodji, W. Gregory Stewart, Kendall Evans & David C. Kopa [...]
Dreams & Nightmares #71
Poetry by Ann K. Schwader, Melissa Marr, Bruce Boston, Jennifer Crow, Gary Every, STEVE SNEYD, S.C. Virtes, K.S. Hardy, Michael Greenhut, James S. Dorr, Lon Prater, Kevin Donihe, Gloundan Smorp [...]
edited by STEVE SNEYD
ISBN 0905262379 The dark, ambiguous figure of snake-haired Medusa, she who turns to stone all who look at her, focus at once of beauty and terror, loss and longing, has never lost her ability to fasc [...]
2004 relaunch issue
[...] teven Hampton, John Francis Haines, J.C. Hartley, Lilith Lorraine, Claire Marshall, Wade Robertson, STEVE SNEYD, J.P.V. Stewart, and Don Webb
Elsewhen Unbound: Poetry in American SFanzines in the 1930s to 1960s
ISBN 0905262352 A much expanded and revised version of Steve's 1996 title on the topic of poetry in American SF community fanzines, Star-Spangled Shadows , which is now all but out of print.
Dreaming Scryers True Deceivers
edited by STEVE SNEYD
[...] work read there by Aldiss, Rip Bulkeley, Cardinal Cox, Andrew Darlington, John Francis Haines, and STEVE SNEYD, both as a fascinating record of a memorable occasion and as powerful evidence that poets can, shou [...]

Total 63 Displaying 1–10Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7