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by Allen Ashley
ISBN 0954374789 Allen Ashley's work inhabits landscapes from the killing fields of the Somme to an unsettling, alternative London, taking in the tombs of Ancient Egypt and a certain Parisian tunnel a [...]
The Sound of White Ants
by Brian Howell
ISBN 0954374770 Taking the iconographic images of the schoolgirl and the salaryman, mingled with the bittersweet experiences of the sexually repressed, these stories embed themselves beneath the plas [...]
The Alsiso Project
edited by Andrew Hook
ISBN 0954374754 The Alsiso Project is a unique multi-author anthology in which 23 writers unravel the enigma of Alsiso. Contributors are Marion Arnott, Allen Ashley, K J Bishop, Gary Couzens, Matt [...]
Milo & I
by Antony Mann
ISBN 0954374746 Attractively packaged with a full colour cover the freshest purveyor of weird crime singularly redefines the genre with twelve entertainingly bizarre stories that stand charged with o [...]
by Marion Arnott
ISBN 0954374738 In her first collection of short stories, Award Winning author Marion Arnott fashions eleven contemporary slow-burning tales which dig deep into the human psyche, spreading unease and [...]
Open The Box, and Other Stories
by Andrew Humphrey
ISBN 0954374711 In this collection of thirteen stunning stories Andrew Humphrey examines with quiet understatement and beautiful characterisation the complex links between relationships and abandonme [...]
The Virtual Menagerie
by Andrew Hook
ISBN 0954374703 In this collection of nineteen surreal stories Andrew Hook rides the slipstream through a series of fantastic yet familiar scenarios which, despite their peculiarities, are often only [...]
Maps: The Uncollected Stories of John Sladek
edited by David Langford
ISBN 1903468086 Big Engine is proud to publish a final collection of the late John Sladek's fiction, assembled by David Langford and a team of helpers with the full co-operation of Sladek's estate. S [...]
Contagion and Other Stories
by Brian Evenson
ISBN 1877655341 Mapping a literary space uniquely its own, Evenson's Contagion and Other Stories pursues to another level the crepuscular and delirious exploration begun in his acclaimed and contro [...]
The Divinity Student
by Michael Cisco
ISBN 096522001X Winner of the International Horror Guild Award for Best First Novel. Struck by lightning, cut open and stuffed full of documents, the Divinity Student is released from the seminary [...]

Total 121 Displaying 101–110Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13