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The Eleventh Jaguarundi
by Jessica Amanda Salmonson
ISBN 1877655147 A new collection of fourteen fictions, illustrated by Thomas Wiloch. A fantasy writer whose voice is distinctive San Francisco Chronicle It made me want to get drunk in graveyard, hav [...]
The Raw Brunettes
by Lorraine Schein
ISBN 1877655120 Seven short stories by a New York writer and former part-time anarchist whose poetry and fiction has previously appeared in Semiotext(e) SF , The New York Quarterly and Terminal V [...]
The Naughty Yard
by Michael Hemmingson
ISBN 1882633024 Time for a story as told by the child of Henry Miller and Molly Bloom... A story with a Kama Sutra twist and a heartbreaking view of the moon. ...a killer series of intersecting monol [...]
Tonguing The Zeitgeist
by Lance Olsen
ISBN 1882633040 So you want to be a rock'n'roll star? In a future that isn't distant enough, you'll have to sell your soul to MTV just to pick up a guitar. And then they start carving you up, making [...]
Scherzi, I Believe
by Lance Olsen
ISBN 1877655112 From the twisted avant-populist mind of Lance Olsen (author of the underground best seller Tonguing The Zeitgeist ) comes this collection of short fictions. Included are 'Michael Jac [...]
Dark Earth Dreams
by Candas Jane Dorsey & Roger Deegan
ISBN 1895836050 Compelling, new, with content somehow perfectly suited to the medium – style and substance can both be yours with this elegant Discbook. Included in this beautiful package is a [...]
We Murder
by Tim Ferret
ISBN 1870338065 Tim Ferret wrote and illustrated Alligator Alley (by Mink Mole & Dr Adder, Morrigan 1989), and has also written numerous short stories. A regular contributor to SF Eye , he has pro [...]
by Misha
ISBN 1877655139 From the author of Red Spider, White Web (nominated for the prestigious Arthur C. Clarke Award in Great Britain) comes this new collection of twenty-three short works, a wild fire b [...]
by Denise Dumars
ISBN 1877655082 Denise Dumars has had fiction and poetry published in numerous journals, including Cemetery Dance, Space & Time , Grue , Star*Line, Poetry/LA and many others. She is currently t [...]
The Seventh Day and After
by Don Webb
ISBN 1877655058 Though Don Webb's magazine appearances are frequent, collections of his work are sadly few and far between. 'Beach Scene' will be familiar from Back Brain Recluse #16, but is actual [...]

Total 121 Displaying 51–60Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13