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Zom Bee Moo Vee
by Mark McLaughlin
ISBN 0966818415 ZOM BEE MOO VEE is a chapbook of stories about movies and TV programs... but you've never seen these shows. They do not exist. There is no foreign movie called 'Oh, But You Will'; n [...]
Red Spider White Web
by Misha
ISBN 1877655295 First US publication of the acclaimed British edition which was a finalist for the Arthur C. Clarke Award (1990) and winner of a Readercon Award (1991). Misha's Red Spider White Web [...]
Renounce the Emerald Piety
by Lee Ballentine
ISBN 0938075764 A long piece of speculative poetry by the renowned poet and editor of the seminal cross-genre anthology POLY .
Confessions of a Body Thief
by Bruce Boston
ISBN 0938075756 A long SF prose poem, winner of the 1999 Rhysling Long Poem Award.
Shadow Bones
by David Memmott
ISBN 1877655287 Twelve speculative fictions by a Rhysling Award winner and author of three poetry collections, bringing together works that have appeared around the world in publications as diverse a [...]
by David Blair
Jacob Maker is a beekeeper who designs flight simulators. One day, the past arrives out of the future, and Jacob enters WAXWEB . WAXWEB is a hypermedia version of the theatrically-distributed elect [...]
Cries of a Spontaneous Convert
by Reno Nevada
ISBN 0646330365 These stories take place at the intersection of the fantastic and the mundane. Their characters are cross-eyed typists, disgruntled bookshop workers, suburban terrorists and horny eld [...]
by Andres Vaccari
ISBN 0646320033 When Drake Ulhman escapes the world of flesh into a virtual world, he finds it's gradually disintegrating inside its virtual storage. His disembodied and forever-mutating memories cha [...]
Gravity's Angels
edited by Gary Couzens, Trevor Denyer, et al.
ISBN 0953294900 From the past to the present day, to the future and the never was, Gravity's Angels is a collection of 14 stories of horror, fantasy, SF and slipstream from Mark Leon Collins, Maria [...]
The Explanation and Other Good Advice
by Don Webb
ISBN 1877655252 Twenty-five short fictions by the mad shaman genius of Austin, including nine new pieces. These flash fictions comprise a killer app programmed by Don Webb to reconfigure your imagina [...]

Total 121 Displaying 21–30Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13