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A Good CuntBoy is Hard to Find
by Doug Rice
ISBN 1886988080 How many holes does a body have? How many holes can be made? Might they be filled with foreigners, with your father's and sister's cocks, with pennies from Heaven? How many poems, eat [...]
The Winter Dance Party Murders
by Greg Herriges
ISBN 1877655260 One-hit wonder Rudy Keen is talking at last, and what he has to say about the seedy underside of the rock & roll world of the 50s and 60s will shake, rattle and roll the recording ind [...]
The Din of Celestial Birds
by Brian Evenson
ISBN 1877655244 Seventeen surreal and magic realist short stories set in South America. Number sixteen in the Wordcraft Speculative Writers Series. These stories represent the early work of Brian Eve [...]
The Troika
by Stepan Chapman
ISBN 1890464023 Beneath the glare of three purple suns, manipulated by unseen forces, three travelers cross an endless desert: Alex, who wanted to be a machine, Naomi the corpsicle, and Eva, who esca [...]
Flyscraper / Toxic Shock Syndrome
by Mark Romyn & Carolina Vegas Starr
ISBN 1882633172 Mark Romyn's Flyscraper is heart-stopping, tongue-clumping, knuckle-biting excitement! See the giant flyman punch a city! Hear the voice of a nation cry out in annoyance! Feel the [...]
Danger Music
by Stepan Chapman
A distinctly American surrealist and satirist, Chapman writes disturbing, absurdist tales which are one part Joseph Heller, one part Terry Southern, and completely 'Chapmanesque'. Extremely funny and [...]
Dradin, In Love
by Jeff VanderMeer
ISBN 0965220001 In a city that never existed, in a world that never was, the missionary Dradin pursues his love, and in his pursuit embarks upon a journey that will forever change him. A baroque, unf [...]
Leviathan: Into the Gray
edited by Jeff VanderMeer & Luke O'Grady
Ten journeys into the unknown by superlative storytellers from the mainstream and genre ranks. Stories of adventure, relationships, psychological suspense, the metafictional, and the metaphysical by s [...]
The Final Dream & Other Fictions
by Daniel Pearlman
ISBN 1882633059 The long-awaited first collection of fiction from master extrapolationist Daniel Pearlman. Overpopulation, ecological hypocrisy, authoritarianism, the clash of the traditions of the p [...]
Last Rites & Resurrections
edited by Andy Cox
ISBN 0952694700 Sixteen extraordinary stories of loss and hope, beauty and terror, drawn from the popular independent magazine The Third Alternative . Contributors include Martin Simpson, Rick Cadge [...]

Total 121 Displaying 111–120Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13