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Leviathan 2: Novellas
edited by Jeff VanderMeer & Rose Secrest
ISBN 1890464031 Not since the halcyon days of the Renaissance and Boccaccio's Decameron have writers had such fun with the 'long story' as critically acclaimed novelist Richard Calder, Philip K. Dic [...]
Without Honour
by Robert Neilson
Collected together for the first time, this selection of short stories by Robert Neilson amply demonstrates the versatility of style and content of this widely published writer. From 'The Lincoln Reco [...]
Snuff Flique
by Michael Hemmingson
ISBN 1886988048 Acknowledge the Web of Cnidaria, we all live within its entropik pull. The Jellyfish of Creation, the Keepers of Life and Evolution, have long been aware of a severe glitch in the [...]
Stealing My Rules
by Don Webb
ISBN 1886988056 A simple life necessity could be considered that of rearranging your focus, directing that tunnel vision out into several directions at once (sprouting new eye tunnels?), slightly def [...]
Gravity's End
by Gavin Salisbury
ISBN 0905262158 Allen Ginsburg said 'We're all living in science fiction now'. Coolly extraordinary, Gavin Salisbury's poems expose through fresh eyes the otherness of our inner space, as much on thi [...]
by Paul Di Filippo
ISBN 188263330X 1878914022 Paul Di Filippo has achieved the impossible: breaking new ground with vividly imaginative and experimental prose which is nonetheless moving, funny, vastly entertaining, an [...]
Something Occurred: Bennie on the Loose
by Sean Mac Roibin
Containing a short story with a disturbing theme and two comic strips, this is a project that was not quite suited for publication in Albedo 1 itself, but rather as a stand-alone booklet.
The Final Trick of Funnyman and Other Stories
by Bruce Taylor
ISBN 1890464007 For more than 20 years, fantasist Bruce Taylor has been entertaining readers all over the world with his masterful blend of surrealism and magic realism. Now, for the first time, thes [...]
The Book of Angels
by Thomas E. Kennedy
ISBN 1877655236 From the dawn of history, magicians and poets have sought the land of the dead – magicians by force of will, poets by power of imagination. In The Book of Angels , fiction write [...]
The Larger Earth: Descending Notes of a Grounded Astronaut
by David Memmott
ISBN 1882633180 Rhysling Award winner Memmott is a wizard, whirling together ideas like a conductor before an orchestra. The Larger Earth is the story of an astronaut returned to an Earth not quite [...]

Total 121 Displaying 31–40Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13